SVEC Reminds Drivers to Slow Down, Move Over

On December 28, 2019, one of our medic units sustained moderate damage after being involved in a traffic accident. The unit was on the scene of a medical call and members of the crew were inside the ambulance providing care to a patient when the ambulance was struck.

We are extremely fortunate that our providers were not injured and the patient receiving care at the time was able to continue being treated and transported safely and without delay by another medic unit who responded to the scene.

Southside Virginia Emergency Crew would like to use this incident as a reminder to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles and emergency scenes. EMS, Police and Fire scenes can pop up anywhere and that includes our streets and highways. It is vitally important that drivers operate their vehicles in a safe, controlled manner. This means slowing down at active emergency scenes and moving over to allow First Responders the room they need to provide patient care, suppress fires, clear hazards and ultimately keep you safe.

Please, make a resolution to keep your local first responders safe. SLOW DOWN, MOVE OVER. It’s the law!