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With the increasing cost of healthcare, insurance reform and the changing healthcare environment along with tight personal budgets, we understand that things can become difficult when an unexpected emergency comes up. This is especially true when it comes to paying your healthcare expenses. SVEC is a fee for service agency. We bill most major insurers for reimbursement for EMS services provided to you. Our goal is to provide exceptional care while reducing the financial burden. If you have received a bill for service from Southside Virginia Emergency Crew and have questions, require clarification or want to set up a payment plan, please contact our billing partner using the contact information provided. We recommend having your bill on hand when you call for faster service


Records Request Contact
Designated Privacy Officer
Phone: (804) 861-3610 

Southside Virginia Emergency Crew provides medical records to authorized parties after a formal request for records has been received and processed. Patient Care records are usually available for request after 30 days from the date of service.  Due to HIPAA and other laws and regulations, the process for receiving records is based on the nature and reason for request. In addition, there may be processing time needed to prepare your request and there may be a fee involved for providing a properly requested record.  For more information or to begin the records request process, the best course of action is to visit our Compliance Center or use the  contact information provided to the left.  Please note, our providers cannot provide you with a copy of your care report at the time of service or immediately thereafter.  Records will be released only after the request process has been completed.


Petersburg Dept of Emergency Communications
EMERGENCY:  Dial 9-1-1
Non-Emergency: Dial (804) 732-4222

Southside Virginia Emergency Crew is accessed through a central access and dispatching method called Public Service Access Point (PSAP).  Simply put, citizens in need are able to access our on-duty crews at any time, day or night, through the city of Petersburg’s Department of Emergency Communications. If you are experiencing a medical emergency and need an ambulance to respond to you, please dial the EMERGENCY access number provided.  Should you need assistance from one of our on-duty crews for a public service encounter or for a reason other than a medical emergency, you may access our on-duty crews by dialing the NON-EMERGENCY access number, also provided.  Please note, you should only dial the EMERGENCY access number if you are experiencing a bona-fide emergency.  Doing so falsely could result in criminal charges being imposed upon you.